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03-11-2021 16:00
DGKV's Senior Associate Yassen Spassov has joined Clean Energy Tool - Bulgaria - Renewables PodCast

DGKV's Senior Associate Yassen Spassov has joined Clean Energy Tool - Bulgaria - Renewables PodCast to discuss renewable energy and carbon targets in Bulgaria. DGKV has joined forces with the global law firm of Simmons & Simmons to provide the Bulgarian chapter for its online Clean Energy Tool. 
Yassen Spassov has discussed Bulgaria's current 27.09% renewable energy target, which is expected to increase after the November 2021 elections and also under the pressure from the country's aggressive plan to phase out coal. The focus of his work is related to clean energy, decarbonization, and the broader energy transition.  Mr. Spassov expressed his opinion especially about the clean energy market in Bulgaria. 
The expert clean energy podcast is one of the most important events under the auspices of Simmons & Simmons. They created a podcast series to bring the audience the latest clean energy updates from experts around the world. The Q&A style information is standardized across all jurisdictions, enabling subscribers to easily compare how to bring renewable energy projects to market in multiple jurisdictions. The aim of the tool is to help streamline decisions to develop or invest in clean energy infrastructure.
With over 20 other jurisdictions currently included and more being added every month, the tool brings together best-in-class content from over 60 countries across Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Latin America.
We also remind you that DGKV is a member of the Energy Law Group for Bulgaria. ELG is the most important network of independent law firms from Europe and Arab countries with extensive expertise in the sector of Energy and Mining. It gathers approximately 500 lawyers specialized in oil & gas, electricity and mining from 37 jurisdictions. 

You can listen Clean Energy Tool - Bulgaria - Renewables PodCast here: https://www.simmons-simmons.com/en/publications/cktwzh9mt1duy0a66xd7cvvvq/clean-energy-podcast
Source: dgkv.com
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