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05-08-2021 00:00, Author: Youliana Naoumova
Cross-Border Labor & Employment Guidance - TerraLex
The provision of labour force shall be arranged in the form of employment relationship only. Where it is ascertained that labour is being provided in some form other than under an employment agreement in order to circumvent the Labour Code provisions
30-07-2021 00:00, Author: Georgi Georgiev , Youliana Naoumova
COVID-19 and the legal framework following the rise of working from home
DGKV issued an important publication regarding how the pandemic affects the working process and employment relations
30-06-2021 00:00, Author: Kalina Tchakarova, Youliana Naoumova
Bulgaria: Employee rights
The Government has introduced measures that are relevant for employers and employees in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.
04-06-2021 00:00, Author: Youliana Naoumova, Sara Stoyanova
Special Report - Global Employment Law Update - Spring 2021
The Labour Code was amended to include a tolling period to the statute of limitations for imposing disciplinary sanctions on employees.
Recent case law on holiday entitlement and reinstatement
The Court of Justice of the European Union ("CJEU") has recently addressed the question as to whether employees who are unlawfully dismissed and then reinstated into their previous positions are entitled to any annual leave accruing in the period fro
The Emergency Law, in addition to a number of other measures aimed at mitigating and overcoming the effects of COVID-19, provides for temporary measures regarding employment relations.
COVID-19 State Support to Employers
COVID-19 State Support to Employers
25-03-2020 00:00, Author: Kalina Tchakarova, Youliana Naoumova
Emergency Law and Employment Implications
Emergency Law and Employment Implications
12-03-2020 00:00, Author: Youliana Naoumova
2019 Global Employment Year in Review
The Law on People with Disabilities went to effect on January 1, 2019
30-03-2017 00:00, Author: Youliana Naoumova
Employment Alert re Notifications under Art. 62(5) LC
Legislative amendments concerning the notifications sent by employers to the National Revenues Agency pursuant to Art. 62, para. 5 of the Bulgarian Labour Code
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