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DGKV’s Environmental practice group reflects and addresses the growing concern with environmental, health, and safety issues – and the impact of those issues on our clients. Accordingly, we advise clients who operate in energy, utilities, infrastructure projects, or industrial activities, or who have real estate portfolios and face environmental issues, on matters related to: 

  • Environmental, Social and Governance criteria
  • environmental approvals and licenses
  • permit transfers
  • the submission of impact studies and environmental management programs
  • environmental impact assessments (EIAs)
  • EIA activities and operating permits related to investment and construction projects
  • environmental regulatory compliance and liability issues
  • waste management
  • air and water pollution, and land contamination
  • environmental liability
  • health and safety at work
  • environmental litigation, including damage claims for pollution and other environmental harm
  • contractual allocations of environmental risks
  • climate-related commodity derivatives, including carbon allowances